4th Grade Finished their Grant Wood Inspired Landscapes

Well students in 4th grade have been working on their Grant Wood inspired landscapes for the month of September and we just finished them up yesterday.  I have a few students that will need Monday to work but all and all, it was a successful project.  Since Monday, students, took their line drawings and cut them out.  It was important to instruct them to cut out around the black line rather than on the black line.  Seeing that line drawings carry less detail, this was important so that they didn’t cut away any detail.  After that, we talked perspective.  Students were asked to place their line drawings in order of smallest to biggest and then I simply asked where a small item would go.  They caught on quickly and decided that if something was small, it was farther away and should be put on the smallest hill.  In the end, a lot of the line drawings were similar sizes so next time, I might cut the paper they do the drawings on into different heights to encourage different sized drawings.

But I’m thrilled with the results and students love that they are already on display.  Check it out.

You can be jealous of the sweet frames I get to hang student work in, don’t worry. 🙂 They were here before I were and they really make the work look polished, right?


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