Community Action Part 2

Well, I talked about how my 4th and 5th grade enrichment classes would be making Community Action posters.  Due to some creative scheduling needed for other reasons, I went from having 4th and 5th grade to having 2nd and 3rd.  This is absolutely fine still, I just narrowed my 2nd graders’ topics so that we, as a class, could decide on one and focus on it.  This takes out a lot of guess work when it comes to making the posters.

Today, students took their brainstorms and turned them into a layout for their posters.  The posters are bigger and students had to practice “drawing light until you get it right” so that they didn’t have to start over.  I was pleasantly pleased with all the effort coming out of the students. Check it out.

I was even more impressed when students decided to think of an overall concept that would encompass everything we could do to make the North Side a better place.  🙂 These students will change the world.


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