Fall into Findley with Kindergarten Leaves!

Well, making the best display for art definitely happened yesterday.  After mixing colors with tissue (something many art teachers do), I found out that my kinders were learning how things grow.  So we decided to trace the shape of a leaf onto our tissues and cut them out.  It was a great chance to talk about the parts of the leaf and how they grow on so many different things.  We cut our leaves out – a day when we learned all about scissors) and we displayed them.  But how? You ask.  Well, I created a massive tree for the hallway and we started our themed wall of “Fall into Findley”.

October will be all about “growth” in our projects so because 1st grade will be doing Pumpkins and Kinders will be doing Apples for their projects, we are going to create an Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch for the same wall.  It will be a beautiful way to lead into November and the Autumn culture as well as a great way to transition into projects in the winter!


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