8th Grade Triptych (Part 2)

Well, the first project for 8th grade has just finished up – and it was a successful first time around.  Leaving off from the previous post regarding the Triptychs, the students really took off with their ideas. We started out with the layout of the triptych using painters tape to divide the paper into three parts.  The taping and parallel lines were not the challenge – the measuring was more of the difficulty than anything – believe it or not.

Close up of an 8th grader’s work with a more elaborate/creative way to frame their work.

After taping (more pictures…), they took the ideas they gathered from their nature study and applied it to their paper; making sure that there was a detail of the drawing in each panel.  To begin painting, students addressed the negative space (or background) using a color family.  In other words, if they chose primary colors, each panel would be a color in that family (one would be red, one would be yellow, the last would be blue).

Once they chose their colors, they painted the negative space and figured out the complimentary color for the positive space (what they drew).  If a panel’s background was red, the foreground/positive space or what they drew would then be green.  This would go for all panels.  To add details they would use the complimenting color to deepen the shade of the object. (You can see in the images.)  They also had the task of adding dimension or value to the background/negative space by adding tone in the corners or areas of choice.

Once finished, the tape was removed and students could really make their own decisions on how to display the panels.  Some chose to cut them apart, some chose to leave it together, leave borders, cut them clean.  I few staggered their panels if they were able.  To frame the pieces, they used colored paper that was present in one way or another in their artwork. I was pleasantly impressed with all of the results.  Here are a few to consider:

Close up of an 8th grader’s work.

Close up of an 8th grader’s work.

Close up of an 8th grader’s work.

Close up of an 8th grader’s work.

Wall display of 8th grade triptych paintings.

Next project is ceramics and a take on Face Jugs; more to come soon.


3 responses to “8th Grade Triptych (Part 2)

    • I use high grade, or rather thicker, drawing paper if I am using tempera blocks. I would use watercolor paper if I used watercolor paints, etc. I tend to use tempera blocks because they are affordable and last forever – just important to remind students to really work the paint up into a lather, like soap – not to use it like watercolor or it will degrade the paper. Hope this helps – thanks for visiting and let me know if you’d like more info! 🙂

      • Wow. Thanks. I love tempera and used tons of it with my elementary stduents but I just inherited a middle school classroom with a ton of acrylic and NO tempera in site. Big learning curve for me here.

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