Field Day Activity: Art Splash!

11248157_10103040526622219_3101140796271021142_nI don’t know about you…but when Field Day comes around and I’m stuck with a boring station like the parachute (okay it’s fun but not my cup of tea)…I want to do something different.

My awesome PE teacher said I could make whatever I want for a station and of course, I did.

First, gather three five gallon buckets and fill with very watered down tempera paint – make a color family, don’t make a color family.  It doesn’t really matter.

Second, tie a sheet to one of the goals or fences.

Third, Place some sponges in each bucket and place the buckets feet apart.

The relay?  Students must form a line and the entire line must throw a sponge full of “paint” at the sheet/canvas from one bucket before they move onto the next bucket.  The first team to get all three buckets done, wins!

Did they love it?  It was their favorite. Hands down.



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