Findley Aims High!

Similar to last year, I started this year off with a school-wide project.  This project focuses in on the school theme each year to set a foundation for learning in the classroom and across content areas.

This year, students traced their hand and arm and within that tracing, drew images themed around “aiming high”.  As a challenge, 3-5 were asked to draw illustrations of the different goals they are setting for the year – academics, health, friendships, school, home, etc.  For K-2, students were asked to draw an illustration of what they want to be when they grow up.  These all require setting goals, aiming high and reaching them even through obstacles.  It’s a great chance to have a conversation.

After the illustrations are done, each grade reviews the Color Wheel and from there learn about Analogous Colors.  The older grades recall information from the year before.  Each grade is assigned a set of Analogous colors and the end result is always fun to see because once I paste their work up – we have a school-wide rainbow.  Students are illustrating stories, communicating ideas, learning about fundamentals in art and each project has it’s own individuality. Ba-zing-a!



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