Large Group Collaborative Line Drawing – Kinders and 1st Grade

This was a fun activity for my Wednesday enrichment classes.  Using long butcher paper, students surrounded the paper in groups of…yes, FOURTEEN! We had practiced collaborative work for groups of 2 and 4 but we hadn’t ventured this far.  We started the activity by drawing a line.  One person would start the line, draw in their area and without lifting the crayon hand it off to the person next to them who would continue the line.  This would be repeated until we had a swirly loopy line of goodness all over our banner. We then rotated our spots so we were working in a part of the line we hadn’t created. From there, students discussed and decided how they would color the spaces they had in…we reviewed the basics of craftsmanship and began working.

It was very quiet at first…and very independent. But within minutes, students were talking about the space, sharing space and deciding how they could work together to finish different areas.  At one point there were sub groups and partners and other times it was an entire 14-man conversation about working towards similar goals.

It was very fun to have this many students working together!


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