Collaborative Can Project – All School

To start the school year off this year, we do our school theme collaborative project.

This year’s theme? Si se puede! Or, roughly translated: Yes, we can!

So, to take this usual project one step further, I decided to have a little community impact happen.

Students designed can labels with their goals and dreams depicted on them.  Each grade level used a certain set of colors so that in the end, the display would be a rainbow.

The can labels were then wrapped around cans donated by local grocery stores.  They were displayed in a ripple statue down our main hallway.  Get it? Cans? Yes we can. Of course you get it.

Anyway.  The best part?  After the display, before the holidays, all 350 cans will be donated to our local food pantry for those in need.  To have students at a school, a Title 1 School with 100% free and reduced lunch, give back to the community for those in need?  To have those in need give to those in need?  That’s impact.  My students rock & so does my job.



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