1st Grade Warm and Cool Patterns

Can I just say that I loved how these turned out?  We studied patterns, warm colors and cool colors in first grade.

First, we focused in on the warm colors and created a 9×9 blend using watercolor pencils.  Second, we focused in on the cool colors and created the same kind of blend in the same size and materials.  Using water (obviously), students felt like magicians turning their work into paintings.  Throughout these steps we had great conversations about warm and cool colors and how they are used or when we see them.

Next, we had a discussion about pattern and practiced some using numbers and letters. From there, students cut strips of their paintings (about two fingers wide) and created a patterned “cut and paste” of their drawings.  I instructed them to cut one strip at a time rather then all so that if class ended, management of materials was a lot easier to collect. The results were incredible and vibrant.  It was a great chance to talk about contrast, as well.  Apologies for the glare in the frames.

Since the emphasis wasn’t gluing, I just reminded students to use a dot not a lot and some of the results added a dimension to their strips that was unpredicted – and appreciated.


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