2nd Grade Silhouettes and Pattern

2nd Graders did a fun and literacy inspired unit before Winter Break.  Students had previously studied portraits so it was natural to transition into silhouettes.  Students first drew a pictures of themselves using line and then, as discussed from the definition, they used a black marker to outline the very outside of the drawing, creating a white silhouette of their face.  Because you can never throw too many components of art in, after this, they created a pattern on the blank side of the paper and colored it in using the order of Roy G Biv.  Once they finished their patterns, they cut their silhouette out and pasted it on black paper.

After pasting it, we had a brainstorming session on what adjectives are and how many we can think of to describe ourselves.  Using metallic markers (because what 2nd grader doesn’t love those), students wrote adjectives in the negative space that described themselves.  Students could repeat words if they felt those words really described them more than other words.  In their core class they had learned about adjectives and good handwriting so this was a chance for them to show off their handwriting, spelling and understanding of adjectives.  And now their silhouettes will hang in the hallway with pride because they are a positive display of how great each student is.

I apologize as the two following pictures are poor quality but they show the general idea.  I loved this project! 🙂


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