5th Grade Looking Glass (Drawing, Painting, and More)

5th Grade Students ROCKED our last unit!  I’m really focusing on using the Creative Process with them so for this unit I created two prompts to get them thinking and then let them control the outcome.

First prompt – What is a looking glass and how could you illustrate that?
Second prompt – What is an environment and what details can yo use to illustrate an environment effectively?

Using their sketchbooks, students brainstormed both of the above prompts.  We had classroom discussions and think time to make this happen.  From their brainstorm, students then began to plan out their ideas.  They were to illustrate both a looking glass and an environment you might see when looking around.  Once they finalized their idea, they used 12×18 paper to draw it out with pencil.

I was pleased with how easy it was for them to go big after using their sketchbooks to work out their ideas.  After they illustrated their looking glass, they drew out their environment and worked collaboratively to refine and reflect on if they had enough detail or not to convey their ideas.

Once their final draft was sketched out, students used watercolors to paint their environment.  They used a quick practice sheet to work on their blending and mixing of colors as well as other w/c techniques.

This was a great step to include because when they began painting, the results were incredible.  Students spent a lot of time on their work and when I asked what was different from years passed, they responded by saying it was great to have work that felt unique and individual even though I used the same prompt.  Which was the entire point – to be creative and thoughtful as well as convey meaning and draw from experience in other classrooms or life to illustrate ideas.

The artwork was put on display for our Fine Arts Night and I just can’t begin to say how much this project impacted the students – to hear them tell their parents about why they chose to illustrate it the way they did and explain the Creative Process without being prompted was super rewarding.   When the did a reflection sheet to create their museum labels and reflection the Creative Process – download it here –  Creative Process Reflection.


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