Blending Learning [PPT & Video]

A couple weeks ago, along with my building’s Intructional Coach, helped present a day of learning focused on Blending Learning and Technology Integration to teachers from all over the district.  We started the day with a some self-assessment regarding where our comfort levels with educational technology landed, followed by a presentation about the differences between Blended Learning, Technology Integration and Technology Enhancement.  Following this we had a half and half session where staff could learn about the new Revolve devices our district leased or work with a Tech Specialist on very specific issues within their own teaching and technology.  From there, we did break out sessions on various resource that could be used to increase our understanding of how to approach technology in the classroom.  We also provided the coveted work time that so many PD days fail to provide and that was a huge hit.

So what am I getting at?  Well, I wanted to share the PPT that I used to help participants wrap their heads around Blended Learning and Technology Integration.  It’s a fine line..and it’s pretty blurry – providing and conveying that understanding is key to a building or district’s success in Technology Integration.

First, I overview the different uses for Technology in the classroom followed by a great video on Slide 5 that defines the difference between Integration and Blended Learning…a line that is so very often blurred or misunderstood.

Following that video, I re-highlight her four major components (creating strong connections, collaborative environments, online learning environments and repurposing your time) to Blended Learning to review and expand upon.  For a fun break, I threw in some Kid Snippets.  And then we did a growth goal of where we are right now with Blended Learning or Technology Integration and where we would like to be by the end of this school  year.

Here is the presentation I used.  Feel free to use or build upon!


The link to the first video (slide 5) is:

The link to the second video (slide 13) is:


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