By Popular Demand: Arts Standards (K-5) Posters

I posted on the Art Teachers Group on Facebook about the new Standards.  I took them, K-5 and formatted them into 8.5″x11″ posters that summarized each grade level’s expectation for each Standards.   It was a pretty simple task but a time consuming.  So, when asked to share I thought “OF COURSE” because I would never want anyone to take the time I did.

So as I stated to those who wanted it emailed:

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm regarding the display I made – I never expected the response I received and I am so glad to help you all make the posters happen in your classroom without having to do all the leg work.

National Arts Standards – ArtClasswithLMJ PDF.  This is for those of you that appreciate the current format and wording.  I used wording that was appropriate to my classroom because I tend to have A LOT of conversation with my students about the Standards – so while there might be some words left out from the original standards, my students still get the full effect.

I do have the PUblisher file, that can be edited, available  but WordPress doesn’t recognize that file type. Please comment with email if you would like that option.


6 responses to “By Popular Demand: Arts Standards (K-5) Posters

    • Sarah,

      I sent you the Microsoft Publisher file – hopefully you have access to that program! 🙂 Otherwise, if you open the PDF in Illustrator or InDesign you *may* be able to manipulate it but I’m not sure.

    • Jess,
      I don’t have Year 6 due to the fact that I only teach through Year 5. I can send you the publisher file and you can use the format to add what you would like? Would that work?

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