Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another year and might I say, I completely slacked on the blog this summer AND at the end of the year last year.  It was a crazy summer.

For starters, I am officially Mrs. Hesse! MAWWAGE! 🙂 That means this site is technically ArtclasswithLMH but I am not dealing with changing a staple of my career that has so much history already.  So ArtClasswithLMJ, it stays!

Secondly, I have new roles this year!  I am teaching art Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  I am one of two Arts Integration Specialists that work with teachers integrating art into their classroom curriculum – I use Wednesday for my office hours.  And finally, I am also now the Technology Specialist at my school – an extra duty that I shuffle with my free time.  Three hats…it will be quite the year!

My room looks similar to last year , but has a few small changes.

Classroom Management System
This year, we will be “Coloring Our Wheels” instead of “Filling Our Palettes“like last year.  Same basic concept.  Every time students have a “green day” (they get tickets out the door for how they perform each day: green, yellow, orange, red – which stems from PBIS), they get a slice of their Color Wheel filled in.  When all seven slices are filled, they get a reward.  I used cut-in-half sheet protectors on the side of the cabinet to hold the unused pieces.

Art Room Bulletin
I actually get a decent sized bulletin this year so hopefully I’ll keep up on that task too – including posting about art club and the upcoming Living Wall project that 5th grade will be designing (so excited for that – stay tuned).

My schedule changed this year!!  Instead of 6 classes a day, I now have 8.  They’re shorter than last year which is a huge bummer.  Our new principal isn’t keen on their length either so hopefully we can work on that.  Can’t complain about having 8 classes – it’s exhausting but I also know many teachers who have more than me going on with less prep.

Classroom Website
Check it out, here!!

This year will include a lot of changes – hopefully we will be even more successful than last year even with less time.  Collaboration is still a huge part of my classroom and I can’t wait to do more with that.  See ya soon!


2 responses to “Welcome Back!

  1. I love your management system. I was wondering what the rewards you give the class are when they complete their color wheel?

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