5th Grade Legacy is Chugging Along!

8 DAYS LEFT!! Oh my goodness, time is FLYING.  We have 8 days with my 5th graders left and a whole lot to do but I am every bit of confident that we will pull through.

My 5th graders have spent about 3 days on their tiles…tiles you say? Check out this amazing concept my students developed for their legacy project – and the reality that it has become. Our rotating tile wall!

They are working hard and each one holds it’s own individuality! Student could use twistable colored pencils or acrylic paint – or both!

And then the fun part of clear coat began this week.  I called out to all my art teacher friends and networks to find out what clear coat I should use with my students. A handful aid that I should just come in on a weekend and do it with polyurethane myself because students wouldn’t be able to handle it.  I said, no no! I want my students to be part of the process and the fact that I have barely laid a hand on their artwork has really forced them to take ownership in it.  Of course, then I’m told that sometimes the process isn’t worth the hassle. And I say, “whatever” to that because I will continue to make hassles if it means the most is given to my students.

So of course, after I proclaimed that they would be part of the process no matter what, I was informed about Minwax Polycrylic clear coat – it’s water based and smells very little.  I bought the biggest can I could for future use and we went to work.  The students loved being part of this! It was an great moment when students learned all about clear coats and what purpose it has.  Many students aren’t even aware of this step in a lot of projects people do so it was a great first-time experience and the idea that we were painting clear got students excited.  It was even more rewarding because they knew their work would be provided.

I’ll mention that Minwax does have a small smell to it but compared to polyurethane, it was nothing.  Open a window, turn on a fan and you’re good to go.  All and all, as you can tell by the faces, we had a great time.  A little paint was peeled off but upon closer thought, I think it was tempera that someone used because they grabbed the wrong bottles.  And it dries so quickly! 🙂


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