2nd Grade Bubble Gum Machines

To piggy back off what 4th graders learned about, I introduced 2nd grade to Wayne Thiebaud’s gum machines.  I don’t know why, but I always like to teach about food in my class, especially 2nd grade, haha.

We started off with a great discussion and presentation of Wayne Thiebaud.  And students were excited!

Anyway, to start this off, I had students draw a circle on a piece of paper as large as they could.  Unfortunately, we all know how that goes and you end up with small circles.  So to help students, I instructed them to mark the middle on each long side of the paper with a dot.  From there, I had students connect the dots using the letter “C” that needed to reach to the small side of the paper.  Flip paper, repeat.  I ended up with some great big circles for students to work with  – some were a little wonky but hey, that’s okay!

Students then got oil pastels and began to make circles and color them in. Students expressed that they caught on how would not only have a lot of gumball machines but we were also practicing our shapes and repeating things. The rules for our circles were simple – they aren’t scribbly, they have to touch each other so it looks like our machine is packed full and they should all be the same size so they can get out of the machine.

We’ve had a blast filling our gumball globes and talking about different flavors of our favorite candy.  Coming up, we will make the machine part of our gumball adventure!


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