3rd Grade Paul Klee Portraits

3rd Graders spent the last week and a half studying the work of Paul Klee for their portraiture unit.  We spent one class using mirrors to study the different features of our face – establishing where our eyes land on our face, the different shapes of a face, and the best approaches to create more realistic drawings rather than the two dots, v and curved like like we see on stick people.

I originally planned to do self portraits but students felt more comfortable drawing people as they imagined them in their head than themselves and I could respect that.  Self-portraits can be very stressful.

Each student was tasked with creating a shoulder-up drawing of a person, including neck, head, eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, and ears.  The assessment will take note of how well the student followed the rules of proportion in the human face.  We drew these using permanent marker.

From there, students revisited the work of Paul Klee and noticed that in a very simple way, he would paint over the line drawings he had done of people, covering different areas with different colors.  Using this idea and having just finished a tissue paper painting with 1st grade, we created the same effect with tissue paper squares of various colors.  Using water, we painted the ink from the tissue paper onto the paper and let it set overnight.  Once the tissue paper dried, it falls off and leaves vibrant areas of color all over their paper.

The results are great and very stunning.  We have postcards from Michigan to respond to so we will be making mini sized version of this to send back to them as well!


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