1st Grade Rain Stick Sleeves (Part 2: Blending Colors)

1st graders made their rain stick caps last class time so this time we began our sleeves for the tubes.  I would have students work directly on the tubing but with tubes collected, some are pretty flimsy and I didn’t want students to have to worry about folding or bending the tube and having a flat rain stick.  So instead, we are using a piece of paper that we will glue around the tube once it’s finished.

Students had a tray of oil pastels in colors use in Aboriginal art.  Yellow, Orange, Red and Brown were in the tray.  The main idea behind this sleeve was to experience oil pastels and learn how to blend colors together using the oil pastels.  I showed students that we would just work on our paper by coloring areas of it different colors.  We could overlap the oil pastels to watch them blend on their own but even better, each student has a tissue that can help blend the oil pastels even more! They were excited after I showed them how this works.   I encouraged the students to draw in one direction as it makes for better blending and to also blend in the same direction of the oil pastels for the same reason. After the short demo, students went back to their seats and began working.

I was super impressed by how quickly they picked up the technique of using oil pastels like this.  Students really enjoyed the transformation of the material going from kind of rough to smooth [like butter(said by one student)].


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