4th Grade Finishes Thiebaud-Inspired Ceramic Donuts (Part 2 of 2 Bisque)

On Monday, my fourth graders dove into clay and made their donut forms using the process posted here.

Today, we came back to those forms and began adding the details of frosting, icing, drizzled frosting, sprinkles, etc.  I had students gather around the demo table for a quick “how-to” on scoring and slipping.  Much like I’ve done with my 8th graders, I have them repeat that scoring is scratching and slipping is glue and we have to do it no matter what.   In reality, clay can stick to clay with out it but often beginners can’t master that and the clay falls apart in the kiln.  And even on the most rare occasions, pieces are secured with air pockets and cause other problems.  So I instill a little fear into them by warning of these “dangers”. That fear tends to help.

I have students work on plates – seems to do just as well as canvas boards.  And I used wooden dowels with points to do the scoring (same dowels I had students use to make the donut forms).

To make the frosting, I showed students how to coil some clay and make a ring – after forming the ring, they can flatten it out to make what looks to be a frosting coating.  When attaching the piece to the donut form, score both pieces and add slip.  To ensure no air is trapped, push down the frosting from the center area (all the way around) and then head towards the outside…this will push any caught air out.

For the drizzling effect, simple make small coils and slip and score them in the appropriate way.

For sprinkles, same thing – slip and score them in the appropriate way.

We didn’t have a lot of time and I always wish we have more but I had timed this unit for during our Assessments since attendance is always so great and thankfully, no one was ever gone so everyone was able to finish.

Ceramic Donut, anyone?


We will let them completely dry and then come back to them once they are fired.




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