4th Grade Theibaud-Inspired Ceramic Donuts – Part 1 of 2 Bisque

My 4th graders were introduced to Theibaud today!  We looked at his work and talked about his focus on sweet treats that are repeated often!  For our ceramics unit, we decided to make a class set of Thiebaud-inspired donuts!  We first used modeling clay to problem solve the best way about doing this considering we would have to form the “o” shape out of clay that can’t be folded onto itself in fear of air pockets.

After working with the modeling clay, my fourth graders came up with a simple step by step that we used to create our donut shapes.

First, prep the shape of a “hamburger” out of clay – not as thin as a pancake but not spherical, either.
Second, Using a pointed wooden stick (or any clay tool similar), poke a hole slowly through the center of the hamburger-ed clay.

Third, with the wooden stick still in the center of your clay, wiggle it back and forth to enlarge the hole.  Don’t do this fast because you don’t want to tear into the clay.

Fourth, once your hole is big enough for your finger (like the size of a donut), reshape and smooth the clay so it resembles the curve of an actual donut.  Narrow the size of your donut if it seems really thick without enlarging the hole – we don’t want a huge bagel or a flat onion ring – we’re sort of in the middle with this donut shape.

Finally, press your initals into the clay using alphabet noodles (this is a trade secret amongst many art teachers – the noodles will burn out in the kiln leaving the imprint of the letters behind).  I have them put this on the bottom of the donut or clay project.

Next time we come together, we will discuss scoring and slipping so that we can add our frosting, glazing or sprinkles without them falling off or causing problems.


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