Painting with Tissue – Eric Carle Part 2, 1st Grade

As I mentioned, my 1st graders are working on their Eric Carle Caterpillars.  Yes, I know – how very cookie cutter of me, but at the request of classroom teachers and the fact that I love Eric Carle, I’m not complaining.

Anyways, students have created their mesh of green colored paper by using watered down paste and an array of green tissue paper.  I had promised them that I would show them the magic of painting with paper and of course, I delivered.

Students gathered around the demo table as I walked them through the process but each table was equipped with paint brushes, water, an empty tub for their used tissue paper and an array of red and orange tissue paper.  We, again, visited the idea that colors that are next to each other on the rainbow tend to mix well. From there, I showed them that this time, instead of glue the paper down, we would paint with it.  The students were curious and confused because that just didn’t make sense.

I then placed a piece of red tissue paper on the white paper they would be using and brushed over it with water.  The oos and ahhs were automatic when they saw the color being pulled from the paper but I ensured them that this wasn’t even the best part.  I made sure to cover the paper with a nice shiny coat of water and let it sit for just a couple seconds.  The longer you leave it, the more solid and vibrant the color but if you remove it quickly it still allows for a great conversation about texture.

And then, like magic, I lifted the tissue paper (peeled it) from the paper and it left behind a beautiful print of red on the paper.  The kids went wild! I mean, seriously! One student said, “I think I’m going to explode, this is so cool!”.  An observer from the President’s Committee (part of our Turnaround program) explained she would be doing this with her own students at home!  Students then watched as I used the different colors and layered them together repeating the same process.  And how sometimes tissue could be used more than one time. All the used tissue went in the empty tub.

I couldn’t hold them back any longer so I released them to do their work.  This piece will be used for the head of our caterpillar which will begin coming together soon! Stay tuned!




3 responses to “Painting with Tissue – Eric Carle Part 2, 1st Grade

  1. I actually use tissue paper to paint with a lot with my students. If you are able, leave the tissue paper on the larger page and let it dry there. That way, the ‘used’ tissue paper can be re-used in another project (and it looks really cool if it has ‘mixed’ with another color)…for example, as a collage element. It will literally fall off when dry…with little to no waste!

    • I agree! I didn’t think about any of that until I was clearing off the drying rack and noticed that one student forgot to peel their tissue – to make sure it didn’t stick, I peeled one off and I fell in love with the actual tissue paper because it almost became tie-dyed! When I have them again, I can’t wait to have that student reveal the results with the class – it’s like magic! Thanks for the advice – now I know it wasn’t just a one time luck moment! 🙂

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