Kindergarten Line Sculpture and Color Theory

I’ve seen a million different paper line sculptures online and knew before even seeing them that it was a lesson I would like to do with my Kinders. So of course, I planned out different ways to bring more than just lines into the pictures.

We first started with a simple activity where we practiced drawing lines: straight, curvy/wavy, zig zag, loopy, wiggly, dotted, thick, thin, etc.” It was simple and students enjoyed the way that it “tested” their current knowledge.

From there, we started our sculptures.  Using warm colored strips of paper, we reviewed color families and talked about the lines that curve.  We decided that wiggly, curvy, wavy and loopy lines curve.  Students then used the strips of paper and glue sticks to create 3-D (talked about taking up space) strips of paper that curved and wiggled.  I informed them that we will use another color family and folding to make the other lines so be sure to keep it curved.  This seemed to be effective enough.

Next, students received the glue sticks and cool colored strips of paper and I showed them how to fold the paper to make zig zags and jagged lines.  Students really enjoyed doing this because at the beginning of class they were struggling with the idea of a “bent” line and then as they practiced, they were excited to add these lines to the paper.

Students also enjoyed how the end result looked like a playground or theme park so that was a bonus! 🙂


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