Gilhooly Pop Up Buidlings (3rd Grade)

3rd Graders continued their study of architecture and line by looking at the work of Barbara Gilhooly.  In comparison to Marz Jr, the work still uses the imperfect line but has a lot more color and is more abstract when first looking at it.  Another comparison students made was that she actually made her buildings pop up by creating stands for them.  So for our 3rd grade Fine Arts Night, students are creating their own pop up buildings and a neighborhood feel!

Students used scrap cardboard to draw a building like they did with Marz Jr.  From there, they used any warm color they’d like to paint the sides of the house and any trim they wanted to match.  After that, they painted the windows, other trim, roof, and details a cool color.  Some would argue that this was a good time to discuss complimentary colors but we had done that previously and wanted to open up their choices a bit – plus, this created a variety in the buildings.   This was a fun painting experience because students really had to concentrate and slow down so that their lines stayed clean and neat so that their details could be understood.

After their paint was dry, students came back with the natural colors (you know I love some color theory, obviously) and using slick sticks and oil pastels began to add pops of detail.  When looking at Gilhooly’s work, students noted that she had a lot of extra natural colors for details so this spiked the need for this step.  Students went in with white, brown and black to create frames, texture and more.  These are turning out well!  Students will have a day to add last minute details with both paint and the slick sticks, followed by making their pop up stands just in time for Fine Arts Night!

Those results here:


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