Legacy Project Pillars (5th Grade)

Here’s an update on the legacy project from fifth grade!

Matt and I (Matt, being my fiance), came in this past weekend with an electric saw of sorts (don’t ask me – that’s his job) and cut the ‘pillars the fifth graders had primed (blogged about that here).  When we returned from the weekend, students split up into groups (chose their own – this is 95% successful) and finalized their plans for the pillars.  We had come up with the sketches and ideas already so I just drafted some “worksheets” that students could color in and fill out answers to some of the determining factors.

By the end of one day, I had enough information to mush the ideas together and come back to them armed with paint and their plan.  The images you see are that designed by the students and decided by the students.  Any changes to the design have been verbal.

Today, students split into four groups (one for each pillar) and we talked about the basics of today:
1. We’re using acrylic paint – which is more permanent then tempera and can stain. Be careful.
2. We have one shot at this – take our time and be careful with the process.
3. We are a team – we have to all participate or we can’t claim this as a legacy project.
4. There will always something left to do that the next class can pick up from.

Then, they were prepared with trays of paint, paintbrushes (sponge brushes for today) and their final plan.  We would be painting the backgrounds first – some students had blending, others had to fill a lot of area. I assessed the pillars ahead of time and kind of delegated the appropriate groups to each pillar. From there, I knew which pillars would need the most instruction of how to approach the painting so I started with the pillars that would take the least and went from there.  We talked with each other about outlining the details first, then filling the space in with consistent color.  From there, I showed some groups how to blend.  And then it was all in – students began to work. Class one left off with work that class two could do and most backgrounds were finished – with some that will need touch ups.  The team work was phenomenal.

We assessed our time – 28 class periods left and that includes class periods that are dedicated to an arts integration project with their classroom teacher.  So we have no time to waste! Stay tuned for more!  Our principal came in at the end of class today and loved the results – we talked with her about how the students are fully in charge and one student chimed in with “yep, the teachers aren’t doing anything to help – it’s all on us!” WOO!


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