Kindergarten Slick Sticks

Last time I had Kinders, they used cups to print circles all over their paper – we had talked about abstract art and how it doesn’t necessarily resemble anything.  Well after a two week break, we revisited the prints with Slick Sticks.  Seriously, if you haven’t experienced Slick Sticks, you need to – IMMEDIATELY.  They are slippery, bright in color, dry quickly and students LOVE THEM.

I demoed how to use the slick sticks (like twistable crayons), how to twist color and why it’s important to press lightly and move slowly.  From there, we re-visited the coloring basics – outlining our shape and then coloring in one direction.  We spent the remaining 15 minutes (I have 20 minute classes with Kindergarten) switching between colors – the students really enjoyed using these!


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