4th Grade Macchias – Starch and Coffee Filters

I’ve mentioned that my fourth graders have been introduced to the Macchia work of Dale Chihuly; Day One here and Day Two here.  Well, you might be wondering why it’s taken 2 more weeks since those posts to finish! But of course, I was out of town one of the days I meet with them, the next was MLK day and the last was a “cold day” so I haven’t seen my fourth graders for two weeks – it’s like winter break all over again!

Today, we attacked our Macchias with starch spray.  This is a pretty straight forward exercise and easy to prepare for, even with gathering of research (videos, info on DC).  Students had colored in a coffee filter with a dotted design using water-based markers.

Today, they formed the coffee filter to the bottom of a plastic cup and wrapped a rubber band around it to secure it in place.  They used a sharpie to write their name on the inside of the cup (so it didn’t smear off).  From there, we had a quick demo in which students learned to use the starch spray like hair spray.  The girls had no problem from this point forward but I had to demonstrate what this meant for most of the boys – hold the can back away from the coffee filter, move it around while you work, don’t just hold it in one place, and once it looks shiny and coated, you are good to go.

Students LOVED this because they immediately saw how the starch reacted with the water-based markers.  And after 5-10 minutes, they took a second look and the results were even more-so dramatic.  We will let these dry! Next time, we undo the rubber band and mount our Macchias to some black paper and display on the wall for a 3D effect.  We are immediately, due to the loss of time, jumping into the Chandelier part of our Chihuly exploration – something I cannot wait for!


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