2nd Graders continue to make me HUNGRY!

2nd graders are beginning to layer on their toppings for the Oldenburg-inspired food!  With an array of materials, we spent some time discussing how we can use the different papers to portray the toppings on our food.  We started at the bottom of our sandwich to add layers (just like you do with real food) and did things like crumple green paper for the lettuce, draw different green lines on green paper for the pickles – cutting them out with bumps! We used string for the different sauces but it was super important that they drew their items out and added the detail before the cut or pasted – we didn’t want just plain paper! We wanted it to look tasty and real!  There are a dozen different ways to make one things so I left it pretty open.   We concentrated on the Elements of Art to help us with the details! We will continue this for another day and begin adding the meet of our foods!  Kids come hungry and leave even hungrier!!!


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