3rd Grade Drawings with a Pop of Contrast

3rd graders have finished their line drawings in the style of Marz Jr! Day 1 and Day 2 can be seen here!  Students added their final details to their city buildings – some being named as toy stores and others as stadiums – but what’s clear is how imaginative and creative our students here are!  These buildings would be sw-e-eeeet if they existed, am I right?

Students, after finishing their drawing, cut out their building.  The best part was working back to that “imperfect” line that Marz taught us about.  Using this concept, students didn’t fret over cutting on the line, we were able to have some flexibility! Students cut out their buildings, practiced lining them up with the bottom edge of the paper and then using glue, put dots in 4-8 spots around the edge and 2-3 dots in the middle.  I use dots with them because the lines always squish out and create a mess.  This allows us to go back and add more glue if we need it – but only if we need it.  Just a dot, not a lot – we’d rather go back and add more dots than be swimming in puddles!

Students glued it down to a colored paper of their choice!  This created a great bit of contrast that we discussed in class!

When students return, we will finish our finish our drawings by adding small buildings around to add to the landscape.  Then, we have decided to gift a couple of the projects to both Marz Jr and the business that donated us their leftover paper (that is super, duper nice)!


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