1st Grade Folding Fans & Nature Drawings (Day 3)

Day 1
Day 2

1st Graders received their plates back after they were dried and we used a simple step by step to turn it into a fan shape! Students folded their plate in half and pressed the crease hard, opened it back up and put a line of glue around the rim.  Then students pressed the two folded sides together and held for a few seconds.  They moved their hands around the edge to make sure that they were holding all the spots with glue and it would stay together.  Once they folded it and it stuck, they re-wrote their name and class small in the corners.

From there, students and I discussed nature and what things come from the ground.  We decided that plants, flowers, trees, and grass are all good things that come from the ground – even some food comes from ground! The list kept growing.  I demonstrated a few ways to draw these things and then showed them some more examples of Japanese flags.  Each student used a permanent marker to draw their nature drawings.  From there, we actually colored each drawing completely in like it was a silhouette.  This helped the drawings stand out and students really enjoyed it.  They were to draw on both sides!

No fail, at the end of class, students used the fans to fan each other.  Next time is catch up day but more importantly, for those students ready, they will use Popsicle sticks to make the handle for their fan!  They have SERIOUSLY loved this project!


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