Kindergarten Printmaking

Recently, I did a printmaking exercise with my 3rd graders that revolved around Mondrian.  To bring abstract art into Kindergarten and tie in some printmaking, I wanted to do something similar but needed something that would be easier for Kindergarteners to hold onto – I also wanted it to be less flimsy.

Enter plastic cups.

Students received a tray with black paint.  Using the plastic cups, they dipped them upside down into the paint so the rim was covered in black, they lifted it up – placed it on their paper and without smearing they lifted it back up and repeated this.  They did it a total of 10 times (helped practice counting).  We discussed abstract art and how shapes really help abstract art out  by bringing in shapes.  The students really reacted strongly to the stamp created by the cup and how the circle was perfect.  We didn’t care where we placed our cup and everyone’s projects were different.

Next time we will color in the circle.  I did a project, only much more complicated and processed out, like this in high school and just adapted it to be about 10 years younger.


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