4th Grade Chihuly Macchias with Coffee Filters

My fourth graders began their glass unit, studying the work of Chihuly and we decided to start off with starch sprayed coffee filters.  This is a simply activity that really sets the stage for when you bring on the pop-bottle sculpture.  I’ve seen this done a dozen different ways so I can’t say one particular resource I drew from; but I recalled the lesson regardless.

Students started off with a planning session – we learned about Macchias, learn more about that day here; and Chihuly’s “uglies”.  Students pre-designed their spotted artwork so that when they received their coffee filter, they had something to work from.  Today, they received their coffee filter and used water-based markers to color in their design.  The markers bleed through to the other side making it easy and colorful.

To help students prepare for the colors to mix with the starch, I also put the color wheel on the board and teach them the rule of 3 (analogous colors).  Basically, start with a color as one and count around to three, either direction.  Those three colors mix well!  If you get to the number four (which with the six colors, becomes #1’s complementary color), they won’t mix well – become yucky.  This helped some of the designs develop beautiful.  Others ignored it completely; figures.

Next time we will spray them with starch to make our faux-Macchias.


3 responses to “4th Grade Chihuly Macchias with Coffee Filters

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