2nd Grade Oldenburg-Inspired Food Art

My second graders are making me hungry!

We started our Food Art unit, first introducing the work of Oldenburg – both his soft and hard sculptures.  We looked primarily at the food and discussed how we couldn’t possibly go to those extremes but there are fun ways to use line and texture to create our own oversized foods.  We narrowed down our menu to include burgers, subs, and tacos because those are all foods that you can layer.

Students first sketched out their ideas as I have had many classes begin at the beginning of the year.  We talked about the small details that help us tell apart different layers in food.

From there, we began constructing our food today.  To make this process go faster with the limited amount of time I had, I created stencils for the students to use depending on the food they had sketched out.  A burger top and bottom, a subway top and bottom and a taco shell.  Students traced whatever they needed on the appropriate color construction paper (light brown or yellow) and then cut it out.  They then glued each piece at the appropriate spot on their project paper, either the top or the bottom.  The taco was special; they had to fold it in half at an angle to allow us to see the back and front side of the taco and then the glued the back of the taco to the paper and let the front flap stay free.  You can see this in the pictures.

To add a bit of detail, students used brown or black crayons to make spots – either for the seeds on the bun, the specks of grain on a corn shell or the toasted/baked lines on a subway sandwich.  This helped us recognize what was forming rather than just having shapes.  Next time we will add all of the goodness that is inside our favorite foods – like I said, 2nd grade is making me hungry!


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