1st Grade Japanese Folding Fans (Day 1)

We’re back! Sorry, break was long then the lovely snow days took over! Gotta love -55 degree windchill.

We are starting a cultural studies unit for first grade and we will be focusing on Japan, Australian Aboriginal and African.  We are starting off with Japanese Folding Fans!  Very simple, all you need is some water colors, paper plates, black ink, glue and if you want, some popsicle sticks for the fan handles.

Students have a quick Prezi about Japanese folding fans and their purpose and then for this first day, with the time we have left, we plan out our ideas.  I have started this with the start of the new year for all of my classes.  I want students to understand the procedure behind artwork and how most often, it doesn’t come all of a sudden – the idea might, but developing the idea takes time and working out the different ideas in our heads.  Okay – this isn’t rocket science and some of us do this but instilling this practicing at a very young age helps students appreciate it more.  We talk about why practice makes perfect and how it’s hard to do projects knowing we only have one chance – this helps our chances!

Anyways, students colored in the background of their template and then added the dark designs of nature.  We talked about nature that came from the ground like we saw in many of the Prezi examples.  Noting that it came from the ground helped students understand that we were focusing on plants, not animals of nature.

Here are some of my students working on this.

Next time, we will take a paper plate and paint it with a scheme of colors – hold onto your hats!

Follow us to day two, here.


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