Tie Dyed Snowflakes

My students are enjoying a winter-themed activity that involves color mixing and ink dying!  This is the combination of about 3 projects I saw on Pinterest: coffee filter snowflakes, tie dying paper with ink, and color mixing with ink.     I wanted to do something winter themed for the week before break – and something short and fun for students with learning, of course.

Each table received a watered down cup of ink – red, yellow blue.  We talked about which colors to start with first, lightest and then to the darkest – this taught us that we never needed to start with blue or it might take over everything!

Each student received a coffee filter.  Using permanent marker, students wrote their name on the coffee filter.  They folded it once, twice, and a third time in half.  I sang, yes I sang, the “once, twice, three times a lady” and it stuck with them so now that’s how they remember.  I don’t know if that’s an oops or not, hahaha.

Holding the folded filter by the wide end of the cone shape, students dipped their filter into the ink of their choice and let ink soak in – they don’t dunk it or push it under, they simply stick it in and let the ink soak into the middle.

Then, carefully, they flip the cone over and hold it by the point.  Then they dip it in their second color, letting the ink soak to middle and then WHOA – they mix together.  I let this be a surprise.  They enjoyed the effect.  And we were able to talk about the colors we could make and create if we did more than two; used secondary, etc.

The last part is the hardest; they carefully unfold the filter – so carefully as to not rip it.  When they’re completely unfolded, they lay it on the newspaper and let the newspaper soak up some of the ink.  Then it goes to the drying rack.  Next time, we will practice our cutting skills and create snowflakes – they are super excited!


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