3rd Grade Printmaking with Mondrian (Postcard Exchange with MI)

3rd Graders spent Tuesday reading through some postcards from our friends in Grass Lake, MI.  A couple months ago, I put out an all call to art teachers for anyone willing to do a postcard exchange with my students.  Immediately, I got a response from @jesscrandall (crandellsclasscreations.weebly.com ) to do one with her middle school students.  Woo! They took the lead and created postcards in the style of Keith Haring.  We just received them right before break and finally got back and were able to read through them.

We learned that Keith Haring was a graffiti artist from the east coast who died from AIDs.  This was new to my students who knew nothing of AIDs and it was an interesting conversation to have.  We liked their artwork, it was super bright!  We also learned that students from Grass Lake were a lot like us – they loved video games, sports, and music.  Different, though, was where they live – in a small village surrounded by farms.  This is hugely different from our city life!

Today we started our own postcards under the influence of Piet Mondrian.  To start our postcards, we needed straight black lines.  What better way to do this then printmaking!  We used cardboard strips for our straight lines and simple black paint.  It was a great math lesson surrounding parallel and perpendicular lines – as well as a great history lesson for the work surround Mondrian.  Students dipped their cardboard into the paint and lined it up with the side of their postcard, or bottom and top, and began creating their own abstract grids. Of course, they loved this process.

We will let these dry and then add the color.  Prior to break we will write our messages out and send them off to Michigan to enjoy!

Follow us to part two, here.


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