2nd Grade Ornamental Corn (Finishing Up)

2nd graders have finally finished their ornamental corn.  The steps were quite easy today but essential for the work to all come together.

First students cut their corn out – making sure to cut around the bumps of the circle and not the original oval we drew for the grid.  After the cut it out, they went back and double checked to make sure our kernels looked extra bumpy.

From there, students drew an oval of glue on the backside of the corn and placed it on our cool colored backgrounds full of swirls.  The corn was placed so that the skinnier side was at the bottom and left a lot of open space at the top for the husks.  Students counted to 10 in their head to make sure the corn stuck.

Finally, students took tissue paper in warm colors and crumpled it up.  They they glued each piece on top of one another sticking out from the top of the corn like husks.  This turned out great and no matter how you hang them, the work looks 3D.

Some students never finished painting their corn.  Most pointed out that there is white ornamental corn (thanks, kids) and proved that it was okay to leave it.  Some still want to finish and I left that up to them.  Very observant and I had to appreciate that.


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