1st Grade Mondrian and Primary Colors

Today was a GREAT day with my first graders.  We got out the twistable colored pencils from crayola and got to work on adding some great primaries to the Mondrian project we started on Monday.

First we talked about the lines we created last time – reviewing who Piet Mondrian was and what kind of art work we saw from him.  Then we talked about the primary colors; something a few needed refreshed on.

Finally, we went to work.  It was a great day of learning and practice for some as so many of my first graders love to scribble.  So I walked through the proper steps of coloring to give them a good foundation for working.

First: Outline.  Outline the entire shape you are coloring in.  This helps us stay inside the line.
Second: Color in one direction.  It doesn’t matter how you start so long as you continue to color that direction the entire shape.  (This was the toughest, of course, but after demonstrating it for them – I was so proud at the amount of students trying very hard to make their work look nice – and it did!!)

While they were coloring, we emphasized pressing hard with our pencils and making the color rich and bright.  If students didn’t like pressing hard, I simply showed them how to layer.  While coloring in shapes isn’t the best project out there, it was definitely GREAT practice for my youngest group besides Kindergarteners.  And I was pleasantly impressed.  We will finish up coloring next time, just in time for break.


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