Whimsical 3rd Grade Trees

Heading back in time to when I worked with 3rd graders on analogous colors and horizons….I am here to share with you the accomplishments of that project!

We originally started by creating a horizon line and adding tissue paper to the top using analogous colors.  We stuck with cool colors for our winter theme.  We then took shaving cream to create a soft and snowy texture (which was too much fun, if you ask me).

Coming back to our project after some funky scheduling; we added our winter tree.  To stray from the usual; I introduced the word “whimsical” and we talked about some of the art we see in stores and how the lines are wavy and free.  We even, yes yes we did, stood up and acted out what a true tree looked like and what whimsical tree looks like.  This was fun because our school loves drama related activities and I tell ya what, the students really remember and recall information when you add performance into it.

Using black paint and some practice, we create our whimsical trunks with a swirl for our roots in the ground.  From there, we created our whimsical branches; starting small at the top and getting larger towards the bottom.  As you can see, each tree varied.

After our trees dried, we added our snowcaps; talking about how snow falls and where it sticks or lays.  This was difficult for some as they wanted to paint over the entire black part with white paint.  We practiced and got better.  To add to the details, we added snow flakes with our paintbrush around the tree.  They’ve turned out very whimsical; and while I shouldn’t, I do have a couple favorites. 🙂


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