Kindergarten Snowmen withModel Magic: Size, Shape, Placement

Kindergarteners practiced “texture” using cotton balls and glue previously but our horizons were lacking something essential for the winter – our snowmen!  To create our snowmen, we used model magic.  I have learned that model magic sticks to paper fairly well, at least temporarily until it dries and then you can glue it on.

To make our snowmen, we created a great foundation to discuss sizes like small, medium and large.

We had three balls of clay and we decided which was the biggest, smallest and the one that fell in the middle.  Using our palm, we first smashed the larges ball into the shape of a thin pancake.  We then placed it at the top of our horizon line (that we created previously) and pushed it onto the paper.  Next, we took our middle ball of clay and repeated the smashing.  We then placed it on the top of our biggest pancake.  I have fun at this point trying to figure out where to place it, asking if the corner of the paper looks right – they all get goofy and try to correct me.  It helps teach them how to recognize shape and how things could be put together.  We attached the two together but don’t smooth it over so it looks like two balls and finally, we use our thumb to repeat the similar process for our snowman’s head.  Eyes, arms, etc will all come later because we want the model magic to dry.  But for the 20 minutes that I have these gems, this made for a fun day!


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