5th Grade Design Studio Grand Opening (In otherwords, 5th graders began their glove/mitten prototypes today.)

As I’ve mentioned, 5th graders have dived head first into a new territory for both them and myself! FASHION DESIGN.  We began by researching and gathering information about mittens and gloves – where they came from, what their purpose is and how we could redesign them for our society today.

From there, we sketched out our ideas in our new sketch books and even came up with a tag in which we can sell our items.  But, my students wanted more and with the help of my principal, we made this happen.  Each student received a white glove or mitten today (just one because of cost – and wow is it hard to find mittens).  With stations set up, students began created their prototype.

To start the day, we discussed how a prototype is something that we want created but it may not be completely functional or ready for sale yet.  That said, we accepted that some of our zippers, lazers, heating devices, etc…may not be “real”.  And that while the paint may make our mittens stifff, the color is what we really know as important.

I had four stations that students could rotate through:
1. Paint: All the colors I can give the, palettes, etc.  I will get more paint if they need more colors – I will do whatever I can for their success.
2. Fabric: Any fabric I can get my hands on to help them out.
3. Ribbon: This station was a surprising hit; lots of colors. The ribbon gave way to clean lines and the imagination of lazers, zippers, etc.
4. Everything Else: Cotton for insulation, random paper for decor, yarn for decor – anything else that doesn’t really fit was put out.

From there we just knew some days we wouldn’t have room to be at the paint table – at first this was tough, but bless them, they caught onto the idea and were ready for next time. They are all nervous we won’t have the time needed – well, believe you me, I will make the time.  They are so pumped up by this (even those boys who were apprehensive of fashion design) and I want that to continue so I will do what I can and we will work on this until their pooped. Hahaha.

It is so exciting to see their enthusiasm – to see their ideas build each day and especially to see them interested in a path that could really take them to high places.


2 responses to “5th Grade Design Studio Grand Opening (In otherwords, 5th graders began their glove/mitten prototypes today.)

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