2nd Grade Painting: Ornamental Corn & Warm Colors

Students in 2nd grade completed their grids and circles last week and began painting in their corn this week.  Using warm colors, students started adding bright color to their project.

Set Up: Have a tray at each table with two cups of yellow and one cup of red paint.  You don’t need water and just enough paint brushes for everyone.  Discuss warm colors (review if you’ve covered them in the past) and also discuss what colors we see in ornamental corn.

Process: Students will begin with yellow.  Dip the paint brush (don’t scoop or swirl), and begin outlines random circles and filling them in with yellow paint.  When you and a neighbor agree that you have nearly half of the circles filled in (they should not be all next to each other, spread them out – paint randomly like real ornamental corn), then you can dip your paint brush in the red.  Paint a couple circles red and then dip again into the yellow.  Now the paint will turn orange as you fill your circles.  Repeat this process, keeping in mind you will not be able to recreate plain yellow.  If a students’ circles don’t fill the squares on the grid, painting is a great chance to push them to make them even larger.

Note: If students don’t swirl or scoop the paint then it will be clean enough that a class that comes next could reuse your set up.  If it is a bit messy, just squirting a fresh bit of paint in will work too.  If students practice carefulness then they will be successful making your materials last.

These are turning out great.  To help our corn stand out later, we will be creating a cool colored back drop.


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