1st Grade Snowstorms, Snowmen, Texture, Painting and More

1st graders, in partnership with the Kindergarten, read the novel “Snowmen All Year’.  They read it for the same purpose but did something entirely different.  After working with my 3rd graders using shaving cream and glue made into puffy paint, I decided that the best thing to do was find more excuses to use it, haha – that said, I started by having a snow men in a snow storm project develop.

Students started by writing the letter “R” really large on their paper, the straight edge of the R was the left side of the paper and then the rest went towards the right.  This made our snowman look up close and personal and allowed us to talk about perspective.  This is a quick step so best to do this on the same day as the reading.

From there, students mixed up their scientific concoction and made their puffy paint.  They the used sponge paint brushed to paint the snow on.  Students were instructed to paint “thick” just like a snowman would be – this insures that the snowman is white and not see through.  I used blue paper to make the sky an easy step.  It’s important to also stay in the lines otherwise our snowmen start to look like blobs.

After letting the shaving cream dry – overnight is best – it turns out very light, soft and fluffy.  It cracks in some places and others it crumples off but it gives a very nice snowy texture.  From there, we use numbers and dots to make our snowman come alive.  3 large dots of black paint for the buttons, 2 medium ones for the eyes and a few little ones for the mouth!

Students also cut and glue on an orange triangle (talk about shapes!) for the nose and then crumple up tissue paper and then smooth it out for the scarves.  The crumpling gives us a great chance to discuss “texture”.  To add the snowstorm, we use paint brushes (q tips would easily be better) to dot on the snowflakes falling.  We do a lot at the top and start to lessen the amount up towards the bottom to give the illusion that they are falling.  I kind of enjoyed the paint brushes because the strokes gave a lot of movement to the snow falling and sometimes, students accomplished a “snow storm” feel to their painting.  Other students wanted to put snow drops on the nose to make it look like the snow was falling over him “like in perspective, Miss J” – of course, I was all for this!

Next class we are designing a hat and adding it to our snowman while also writing a sentence about what we would do with our snowman if we could keep him all year.


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