“Today in art, I played with shaving cream.” (3rd Grade Winter Landscapes Part 2)

On one of the many “Craft At Home” boards you can find on Pinterest, I saw that someone claimed you could mix shaving cream and glue to make your own texture paint or puffy paint.  Normally I pin these things and say I’ll come back to them and never do….none of them are really worth the return unless I can apply it to something.  Well, this time, I couldn’t resist making it apply.  I can sponge on white paint to make snow but why wouldn’t I find an excuse to use shaving cream in my classroom?  What student wouldn’t love that?

So, that’s just what we did for 3rd grade and just what we’ll be doing for 1st.  It’s pretty simple.  Just buy some cheap-o shaving cream, get your glue out and have some sponges…they don’t have to be nice.  I happen to have sponge letters and they are perfect for individual use so I just use those.

Put 1 part shaving cream and 1 part glue in to a pan – I would recommend a pan because a bowl would be too deep for some to get the sponge into and a pan allows you to spread the mixture out over more space so you only have to do one pan per table.  Give each group a pan pre-mixed with a paint stick and their sponges.

photo a

Then have each group mix up their mixture.  It should become creamy and resemble marshmallow fluff!  Remind them not to eat it – even I am tempted, but it’s probably not the best for students.

photo b

Using the sponges have students get a generous helping of the mixture and begin sponging it onto the area of their landscape intended to be snow.  Tell them to be generous with the mixture and not to press down hard – leave the texture and start adding it to the entire bottom portion of their paper.  If they fill it up, have them go back and add more!  The whiter their bottom the more fluffy the snow will look!

My students had a BLAST.  It was messy, it was sticky and it was fun! Best part?  The clean up is pretty simple.  They can rub their hands together until the shaving cream dissolves and the glue peels off.  And the pans can be sponged off and rinsed out.  The texture that the mixture leaves stays as-is.  So if it has lots of bumps and waves, it will remain as such.  Disclaimer: It does take a bit to dry so you’ll want to do this as a full period adventure; get into the science of it like we did (why is this happening, what else could we do?) so that it can dry overnight before they come back to it.

My students discussed how adding food coloring to it might really be fun.  And the best part?  It’s so cheap! Cheap glue and a $1 can of shaving cream could engage a student for hours.  What can you think of doing with shaving cream in glue?

Oh and my room smells very good now!


5 responses to ““Today in art, I played with shaving cream.” (3rd Grade Winter Landscapes Part 2)

  1. Brilliant. Pity it takes overnight to dry as I have NO place to store. Does it stay white? Can you paint over it once it’s dry? Would make good foam for a beach/surf picture maybe 🙂

    • It hardens into a foam like consistency so I’m sure you could paint it! Feels kind of like model magic. If you don’t go as thick as we did with our snow, it could easily dry much quicker, I’m sure. And adding food coloring to it might be a fun way to color it!!!

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