4th Grade Skies, Salt, and Team Work

We continue our journey through tree building and collaboration with our skies from 4th graders.  After about a 10 minute discussion with my students, we decided to use watercolors for our skies.  Students gathered this would be best (and yes, students – I literally sat back and let them come up with ideas to bounce off one another) because it’s thinner than the brown paints we used and could be covered up easily if we accident get it on the tree.

I decided to mix it up a bit and bring some texture into our skies by asking them if they would like to experiment with salt absorption, much like my 2nd graders had.  They weren’t sure what this meant so I demonstrated it at the table and the conversation that followed was great – students said it reminded them of stars or snowflakes in the sky and that it was definitely something they would add to the project if the groups agreeed.

That said, with liquid watercolors and salt in hand, I let students have at their project and let them add water to the paint as needed to create different blues.  I love collaborative projects. I never thought that would be the case but really, it’s been great and they are making it so worth while.  We will be venturing outside because my 4th graders decided that they would like to use real leaves for their tree rather than create fake ones – this is because they want it to “mean more” and bring in actual nature to their work.


2 responses to “4th Grade Skies, Salt, and Team Work

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