3rd Grade Winter Landscapes

Yes, I know – another Landscape project with my 3rd Graders?  Well, due to some unforeseen circumstances, we had to postpone our iPad work.  That said, I wanted to come up with something that would use a variety of materials and create a winter theme.  Hence, winter landscapes.

Students will be creating a landscape using tissue paper, glue, crayons, shaving cream (wait what?), paint, and possibly some nature.  How you say?  Well, let’s start off on the first day of work – the sky.

We reviewed horizon line from our warm/cool color unit and drew a horizon line across our page, this time, using some curve to it to create a hill.  It could be anywhere on the page; it just depended on how much sky a student wanted.  Next, we talked about analogous colors – colors that are similar and next to one another on the color wheel.  We discussed what colors represent a cool winter sky and most of the colors thrown out were blues and purples – occasionally a pink.  Using that discussion, I put out pages of blue, purple and turqiouse tissue paper.

Students then used watered-down glue and painted it on the sky portion of their paper.  Tearing off chunks of the tissue paper, they pasted and layered the different colors together in their sky.  Overlapping created new colors.  It was important to keep our tissue paper smooth so it’s easy to paint over later, so we used the watered-down glue to paint over it and smooth it over.  This also created a very neat glaze over the dried pieces that will be really great on display.

As you can see some students went crazy with the “glazing” technique and honestly, let it happen.  It created a great conversation later for when we talk about what we learned, liked and would change.  Next time we will be using shaving cream to make our own puffy paint – what? how? Well I’ll let you know soon!  I will say that my 3rd graders really enjoyed the tearing of the tissue paper- I think it’s because they were “destroying” something but then making it beautiful once again.

Follow us to days two and three.


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