2nd Grade Birch Tree Leaves (final days)

2nd graders have really rounded out our birch tree unit (click here to start at the beginning and the middle) well.  I’m starting to realize how much I love dimension because I keep adding it to every project.  My 2nd graders used tissue to add leaves to the birch trees – first a few at the top to show the top of the trees and then we focused heavily on how the leaves fall – students discussed how sometime piles form and other times they are spread out.  With this into account, we added tissue leaves to the areas we thought would have leaves.

To do the tissue steps, take 1-2inch squares of leaves and wrap them around the end of a pencil.  dip the very end of the pencil with the tissue into the glue – just a bit, like it’s skimming the surface, and then push onto the place we want our “leaf”.  Hold it for a few seconds and let go to pull the pencil out.  If the tissue goes with the pencil, put it back down, hold the tissue and pull the pencil off.

Check it out. 🙂

Perfect timing to end this project too – as the leaves begin to fall heavily and the air changes to cool weather, these trees are a nice display of color and learning for my 2nd graders.


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