5th Grade Water Lilies (Completing Our Sculptures with Claude Monet)

My 5th graders finished assembling their water lilies (still trying to think of the best way to display the work to make it look like a pond).  It was a hectic day full of gluing and creativity.  We had assembled the pedals previously and began to cut out leaves for the flowers to float upon the pond with.  Two big leaves, shaped like tear drops were cut out and glued together and then the flower, curled was placed upon the leaves and glued.  One thing to mention – the back side of the flower is a lighter version of the front with watercolor but if students want to paint the backside they can, they will just have to re-curl it the next day.

Once we had the flowers glued onto the leaves, we cut the edge of our pond paper into a wavy shape.  It’s important to cut as little off as possible to ensure we have plenty of pond for our flowers to float.  From there, we did the center of our flowers using tissue paper.  I set out orange and yellow to accent the pink, greens, and blues.  I showed them about a dozen ways they could approach this and told them if they had a better idea, to go for it.  I was very casual with this for two reasons – to give them creative control but also because I hadn’t done this yet so was curious to see what worked best…needlesstosay, there was a large variety of centers.

Overall this was a huge success. I will be doing a classroom critique and discussion about the project and a feedback sheet to see what students thought was fun or easy.  Since I hadn’t done something like this, I’ll be curious to see how students liked it and what they retained from our discussions.  Then it’s onto Nov/Dec thankful projects – this I am still working on. 🙂

Stay tuned for the display! 🙂


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