1st Grade Pumpkin Patches Start to Grow!

Well, if you didn’ t know, my 1st graders were working hard on their large and in charge pumpkins that they drew using the simple oval and letter C method.  We spent the last visit painting our pumpkins with tempera paint by mixing red and yellow together directly on the page.  The color turned out amazingly!

Today, we cut out our pumpkins and worked on setting up our pumpkin patch.  It was pretty easy-peasy!

1. Have students cut out pumpkins around the outside edge, including the unpainted stems.

2.  As they cut them out, have them come to the stem station to paint their stem using blue and yellow (have them mix it together).
3.  Return to their seat.
4. While their stem dries, have them write their name in white pastel on the back of a 11×17 purple paper.
5. Flip the paper over.

6. Using two card sized pieces of green paper (I used green and light green), have students draw zig zags down the center to make pointed grass.  Use this time to talk about how grass can be different colors and sizes.
7. Have students cut on the lines they drew (both sheets of paper) and wah-lah, you have chunks of grass for your paper.

8. Put a long line of glue (don’t have them pour it on, instruct them to press the opening of the bottle to the paper and squeeze gently) at the bottom of the paper.
9. Place the grass, in any order, across the line – make sure the bottom of our grass chunks line up with the bottom of the paper (grass doesn’t float).  If grass falls apart it’s okay because of your previous discussion – just have them add it to the line up.

10.  Before you glue your pumpkin over the grass, have the students use the white pastel to draw stars all over the purple sky of the pumpkin patch.  Tell them to vary in size and location.  Some will get covered up but if they draw enough, some will shine through depending on the size of your pumpkin.

11. Once you have everything ready, you can have them take their cut-out pumpkin and place four dots in the “corners” of the pumpkin.  Enough so it sticks but “not a lot, just a dot” so it’s not messy!  They can then place the pumpkin over the grass and hold down to let it stick.

Students will say “But we covered up my grass.”  This is okay because, and tell them, we want to make it look like the pumpkin is sitting in the grass – so we will add more on top, along with some vines (using tissue paper) and leaves!  These steps take a little longer than one class period (I have 32 minute classes) so I divide it according.  So far, they’re looking great.  And just wait for the vines – I’ve done it with one other class and it really adds to it! 🙂


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