Kindergarten Apples (Mixing Colors with Paint)

Kinders had some fun mixing colors yesterday! We started with a Red apple and reviewed the basics of painting – how to outline first, then fill in.  You can read all about it here.

Well, today we dove back into our apples, starting with a yellow apple and then moving on to mixing colors.  What other color apples do we have? Well, green and tangy, of course!  What colors mixed together make green, I ask?  Blue and Yellow!  We discuss how a little blue goes a very long way and from there we start our process of painting the green apple.

First, we dip our paintbrush into the blue paint – barely at all, and then dip it immediately into the yellow paint, covering up what blue paint we had. Students then want to mix it together but I tell them to wait and bring their paintbrush to their paper and begin outlining their apple.  What happens?! The oos and the ahhs are incredible to witness – the paint mixes directly on their paper.  From this point, I instruct them to only add yellow to their paintbrush because the blue will go a very long way.  It also creates shading without any real effort on anyone because the paint blends itself. They paint their apples and we let them dry.

Next time I’m thinking we will enjoy some oil pastels to add some shading and highlights…maybe create a basket for them to go in like at an apple orchard!


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