5th Grade Impressionist Sculptures (Catching Up with Claude Monet)

As mentioned, 5th graders are working under the inspiration of Claude Monet by creating some 3-Dimensional Water Lilies; all the while using impressionist-like painting.  We talked a lot about using our paint brush as a tool that will create movement and that our strokes should be noticeable, much like we took note of in Claude Monet’s work.

Well, it’s been a few days since – we painted a sheet for our water (blue and green watercolors), a sheet for our pedals (pink, orange and purple watercolors), and a sheet for our leaves (green and yellow watercolors).  We used different styles in our painting but all the while, thinking like an impressionist.

Today was one of the first form sculpting days . We took our pedal sheet and flipped it over.  We drew 1 large pedal that took up about a sixth of the page.  From there, we cut it out and traced it five times.  We cut those five out and end up with six pedals.  If students have extra space based on the size of their original pedal, they could do more pedals.

With glue, we glue two pedals together on the ends.  We just use one small dot and hold for 30 seconds.  From there we can either repeat that twice more or begin gluing on individual pedals.  I tell my students they are their own problem solvers!  If at any point in time, they figure out a better way to do something or a way that makes better sense to them, they can try it out – best part about art is that mistakes lead to discovery.  This led to many students approaching the pedals different ways – some traced, some created different sized pedals, some folded the paper and half and cut two at a time – possibilities are endless.

After they have begun gluing (or if they prefer, before they glue), student use a pencil to curl the outside of our pedals inwards.  This creates a shape much like a lily.  A few student thought this was great but they played with the curls and ended up curling it in and then curving the very tip back out so it looked like it was blooming.  We discovered as a class that the bottom of our flower, while some paint came through, it isn’t well painted.  We decided we will wait until we add our leaves to see if painting the backside will be necessary.  I was very transparent in saying that this is something I haven’t done before and I am adapting/learning as I go!  I took a after-school mother’s idea and played off of it so the possibilities, again, are endless.  Check out my students at work.  And next time? Leaves and water!


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